LJP-2005 - Sheraton Block Top Baluster - 1-3/4" Square
$ 14.66



The LJP-2005 Sheraton balusters are the plain block top version with 20" turning length and variable length bottom blocks.   This design also comes in a fluted (LJF-2005) and a twisted (LJT-2005) series.   There are matching 3-1/2" square wood newels as well.  Look for pin top and post-to-post wood newels where the part # begins with LJx-30xx.  

 For pdf drawing - please see http://www.ljsmith.net/assets/files/cad/LJP2005.pdf

These balusters require an additional CNC cutting on a 5 axis woodworking machine.  Because of that - production time tends to be 10 woking days for all species. 

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