LI-PLA44 — Plain Bar Baluster (1/2" Square Solid) LI-PLA44 — Plain Bar Baluster (1/2" Square Solid) LI-PLA44 — Plain Bar Baluster (1/2" Square Solid)
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Balusters are the decorative vertical members of a balustrade system. Our ornamental iron balusters offer an extensive assortment of popular styles in various square and round sizes ranging from 1/2-in up to 3/4-in. They are constructed from "mild" steel, making them very durable and much stronger than wrought iron versions. Each and every baluster is handmade, which means no two are exactly alike; the slight variations in the details add exceptional character to any stairway. Our iron balusters are available in several powder-coated finishes. Finishes may vary.


  • Generations of fine styling endures in each of our hand forged ornamental balusters. Coupled with the warm touch of a wooden handrail, this timeless combination is as durable as it is beautiful
  • 1/2-in x 44-in Solid construction iron baluster
  • Powder coated in a Low Sheen Black finish
  • Finish may vary


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