CL-420-XX - Level Pass Through Newel for Cable System
$ 91.18

Wood Species


Level Pass Through Newel (3-1/3" square by 34-3/8", 37-3/8" or 40-3/8") for use on the level runs either midway (or no greater than 42" spans) between Level Start/Stop, Corner or Down Newels on a Cable system.

Available in red oak or hard maple.

Each newel post comes with a  3/4" x 2" wood dowel for attaching the 684 wood handrail.

Available for 36", 39" and 42" rail height systems.  Please note the newel lengths on the are 34-3/8" on a 36" system, 37-3/8" on a 39" system and  40-3/8" on a 42" system.

Due to the nature of wood, the tension on the cables will need periodic adjustment by using two 3/8" open wrenches as described in the installation instructions.  

 See linear collection installation instructions at



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