LJ-6007 —  Fillet - 1-3/4" Wide
$ 1.68

Wood Species


Sold in Random Lengths  - 516" High x 1 ¾" Wide.

Random lengths typically between 3' and 6'.  We will supply enough to match the lineal footage ordered.

Fillet is typically cut into approximately 3-1/2" to 3-7/8" pieces to go in between block balusters in either 1-3/4" plowed "PL2" Handrail or LJ-6006 Shoe Rail.

If shipping UPS Ground, fillet will be cut into strips 6' or less to allow shipping.


Sold on a per foot basis.


Prices per foot for LJ-6007 follow: 

Poplar: - $ 1.68

Red Oak - $ 1.74

Hard Maple - $ 2.68

Cherry - $ 2.76

White Oak - $ 2.28

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